China’s Solution: The Solar Greenhouse

03/18/2011 |


Solar greenhouses have played a role in China’s agricultural scene for some time, but new innovations are taking them to the next level in addressing the global energy crisis and climate change.

A recently published report based on 20 years of systematic studies from the College of Agronomy and Biotechnology at China Agricultural University proposes that solar greenhouses can greatly improve current sustainability initiatives and goals worldwide.

The solar greenhouse at a glance:


  • Energy savings
  • Reduced Pollution
  • Improved Economic Development


  • Heavy reliance on the sun
  • Heavy reliance on weather conditions

"The solar greenhouse has a very bright future, especially given the amount of concern over the global energy crisis and climate change. Additionally, significant energy savings can be realized from switching to solar greenhouses. We hope this technology can be applied to regions of similar climate to help reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions", says Zhen-Xian Zhang, lead author of the study.

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