EPA Scores 100% on Sustainability and Energy Goals

04/20/2011 |


The EPA has released its FY2010 scorecard on sustainability and energy performance, revealing that it has met or exceeded all federal goals to decrease energy use per square foot; reduce potable water use per square foot; lessen fleet petroleum use; establish inventories of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions; incorporate sustainable building practices; and increase renewable energy use.

"The scorecard is an important tool for us to develop targets for waste reduction and energy efficiency for our facilities at EPA," says Craig Hooks, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Administration and Resources Management. "EPA is doing what the President envisioned us to do, 'lead by example,' by being good stewards of the environment, all the while realizing substantial savings to the government."

EPA energy consumption dropped 22.8% compared to the 18% required federal target.  Water usage was down 18.7% against the 6% target.  Petroleum usage in the agency fleed declined 24.9% against the 10% target.

An update to the EPA sustainability plan is due in June, and will be posted publicly on the EPA website.

View the entire EPA Sustainability and Energy Scorecard at www.epa.gov/aboutepa/ombscorecard.html

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