ENERGY STAR for Commercial Fryers

04/27/2011 |


The EPA has announced a new category under commercial fryers that can earn the ENERGY STAR label.  Going into effect this month, the EPA has expanded eligible models to include large vat gas and electric fryers, with  ENERGY STAR qualified large vat fryers 10-35% more energy efficient than standard models.

Through utilization of large vat electric and gas commercial fryers that are qualified under ENERGY STAR, businesses are predicted to save between $170 and $500 annually on utility bills.

If every large vat fryer in the United States met the new ENERGY STAR requirements, energy cost savings would increase $81 million per year and reduce GHG emissions equal to approximately 95,000 cars. 

In order to earn the ENERGY STAR label under these new requirements, product performance must be certified by an EPA-recognized third-party based on testing in an EPA-recognized lab.

For more information on ENERGY STAR and commercial fryers, visit

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