Top 5 Tips to Combat Facility Odors

05/19/2011 |


Odor ranks above poor customer service as a critical customer annoyance, and has shown to seriously deter repeat business. Cintas Corporation provides us with the top 5 tips to help your facility implement an odor solution.

  • Clear the air. Implement air fresheners to counteract odors and provide a clean scent. Select air fresheners that operate on a 24-hour basis and neutralize odor-causing bacteria rather than masking it.Choose a fragrance that complements the application and limits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to meet environmental safety standards.
  • Attack odor at the source. In restrooms, use auto flushes, automatic drips and urinal screens to eliminate odor. Auto flushes keep toilets free of debris and work on-demand to eliminate odor.  Automatic drips neutralize odor coming from urinals and cleans them. While some urinal screens come with a scent, they also help eliminate odor from urine on the floor by reducing splashing. In the facility, perform obvious odor-control tasks by taking out the trash frequently and cleaning the facility daily.
  • Deep clean. Beyond a daily clean, deep clean floors and restrooms on a routine basis to extract and eliminate odor-causing contaminants. Use a high-pressure steam system to remove dirt, break down build-up and extract all contaminants from grout lines, tile and carpets. For a restroom deep clean, scrub walls, floors, toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors and fixtures using chemicals, agitation and extraction.
  • Address indoor air quality (IAQ). IAQ significantly aids in providing a clean scent throughout a facility. Clean coils and change air filters in ventilation systems on a routine basis for proper circulation.Place mats strategically around the facility to capture contaminants and prevent them from settling into carpets or the air filtration system. When utilizing mats, properly maintain them on a regular basis to prevent them from becoming saturated.  
  • Partner with the right facility services provider. Partner with a provider to develop a customized odor maintenance program. A provider visits a facility on a routine basis to refill odor management products and ensure all units work properly.  It provides staff with the quality tools and chemicals needed to clean and sanitize the facility daily. Trained technicians will also deep clean floors and restrooms. This is valuable for businesses that do not have the equipment or trained staff required for such maintenance.

“Business owners cannot afford to have unpleasant odors in their establishments,” says Mike Thompson, Senior Vice President, Cintas Facility Services. “It’s critical to implement an ongoing maintenance program to provide a pleasant, clean scent around the clock.”

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