Next Generation Fuel Economy Labels

06/02/2011 |


The EPA has revealed new fuel economy labels that will provide comprehensive fuel efficiency information, scheduled to be featured on model year 2013 cars and trucks.

“The new labels will help consumers be smart buyers who know which cars will save them money and leave the smallest footprint on the environment,” says EPA mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator Shawn M. Garvin. Garvin was joined by Delaware’s Environmental Secretary Collin O’Mara, and representatives of the Clean Air Council and Mid-Atlantic AAA.

This new line of sticker will contain a vehicle’s vital stats – fuel costs, savings, and environmental impact.

The label is available for voluntary adoption with 2012 vehicle lines, but required for all 2013 passenger cars and trucks.

The labels will also contain easy-to-read ratings of how a model compares to all other models for smog emissions and emissions of pollution that contribute to climate change. For electric-powered cars, the labels will indicate how much electricity it takes to drive 100 miles, as well as information on the driving range and recharging time frame.

A QR code will also be featured on the label, allowing smartphone users to get additional information with a scan.

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