Six Tips for Lawn and Landscape

08/05/2011 |


First impressions are everything, especially for prospective and current tenants. The first thing people notice is the overall scenery of a potential new location. Are you doing everything you can to make sure their first impression of your building is a positive, lasting one?

TruGreen has six essential tips to make sure your lawn and landscape have the best look to make a lasting impression.

  • Weed control is the number one factor that can make or break a prospects decision of pulling into your facility. This sets the tone for the curb appeal and overall grounds maintenance of your building. When someone is looking for an apartment or new business office, weeds in your lawn means you may lose business.  
  • Fertilization is a key component of a good offensive program to control your weeds and enhance your curb appeal. Fertility is the best defense in weed invasion and encourages your lawn to be thicker and fuller. A variety of fertilizer options – liquid, granular, slow release, and many more – provides the capability to best support individual facilities with a customized program to best meet those needs.
  • Customization is important for businesses and allows you to focus on key areas around your facility. Stretch your budget and focus in on key areas of high profile, “Class A” lawns and other less viewed areas, “Class B.” The ability to customize can take your business and appeal to the next level.
  • Tree and shrubs complement and enhance the beauty of your facility. Working with a supplier who can provide both lawn care and manage trees and shrubs is important. Diversity to a facility definitely enhances the overall look.  
  • Capacity, or doing the job when it meets your needs, is a critical component and allows you to accommodate tenant’s needs. Whether during the day, at night or on weekends, flexibility on the part of your lawn and landscape provider allows maximum convenience for you.
  • Unique problems occur at different places and different times, requiring an experts opinion with a quick solution. Having a lawn and landscaper provider with the ability to find the root cause of any problem and design a solution can help you run your business more efficiently.

Don’t let your grounds turn customers, clients, or tenants away – Give them a reason to pull in.

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