Back to School for Facility Management

08/15/2011 |


As back to school season approaches and hundreds – if not thousands of schools are being inundated with sneaker- and boot- clad feet and sliding desks and chairs this month, it is important that building and facility managers take a proactive approach to maintaining their facilities this school season.

Facility maintenance teams must put substantial effort into making sure the facility is tip top shape, all the while maintaining notoriously low maintenance budgets.  Back to school season isn’t just for kids, and Staples Advantage has 3 tips to help facility managers hit the books:

Complete Your Homework:  Not all cleaning solutions are the same and therefore, not all cleaning procedures will be effective.  In fact, the wrong cleaning procedures can result in a multitude of problems. 

For these reasons and more, facility managers and janitorial staff must do their homework and become familiar with the school’s multiple surfaces and floors and how to maintain and protect these areas.  Using the wrong chemical, equipment, or procedures can have the reverse effect on prolonging the life and appearance.  Be sure to read all manufacturers’ labeling and consult a distributor or expert as needed.

Continue Your Education:  Remember to be sensitive to the fact that cleaning – especially in schools – is a very labor-intensive profession.  In order to get the most out of janitorial staff and maximize investments, provide employees with informative educational sessions. 

Proper planning and procuring modern equipment and chemicals can only help extend long-term maintenance when used by trained professionals who understand the benefits of the cleaning programs.

Have the Right School Supplies:  With limited supply space, education facilities may not have the ability to house extra cleaning products.  By working with vendors who have just in time inventory, facility managers can order supplies when they need, helping to control extra spending on supplies they may not need or can house.

Some vendors even have the ability to monitor your spend and identify when you may be running low on certain supplied and easily re-order items for you.

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