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08/24/2011 |


Facility restrooms: People want to get in, get out and be on their way as quickly as possible.  Facility managers and building owners may be surprised to learn that a restroom’s design and layout have a lot to do with how long it takes for individuals to use it.  Through consideration of traffic flow and incorporation of key time-saving products, you can create an efficient restroom that keeps guests (and your facility!) moving.  Moen Commercial contributes some ways your facility can benefit from an efficient restroom plan.

Keep Things Moving

Separate entrance and exit doors are ideal for high-use restroom facilities, such as those found in stadiums and convention centers.  This traffic pattern keeps crowds moving efficiently and ensures a single line.  Labyrinth-style entrances (with no doors) also guarantee a swift passage into and out of the facility, while eliminating a point of cross-contamination.

Bathroom stall doors are another great tool to improve traffic flow in public restrooms.  To prevent unnecessary lines, install doors that do not fully close without the lock and allow sufficient clearance beneath doors, so those entering the restroom can quickly determine if stalls are occupied.

Keep design in mind when placing final touches, like towel dispensers, hand dryers and mirrors, where individuals tend to linger.  These elements should be placed near the exit, where users will not interfere with individuals entering the restroom.  Some facilities even place these items outside of the stall area, in either a separate room or on an exterior wall of the restroom, to reduce crowding and decrease overall time spent in the bathroom.

Time to Dry

Once users have progressed to hand washing, be sure to keep them moving with a number of time-saving measures, most importantly, installing fast-acting hands-free faucets and hand dryers.  Modern hands-free faucets feature advanced electronics to immediately sense when the user is in range. Plus, some faucets even have an adjustment that precisely controls temperature, so users don’t have to waste time finding a comfortable flow.

New, advanced hand dryers have the ability to dry hands in just 12 seconds, using 400 miles per hour sheets of air – drying your hands in 1/3 of the time of a standard model.  Plus, hand dryers reduce congestion between paper towel dispensers and wastebaskets, saving users a step in the bathroom.

Turn your high-traffic commercial restroom into a streamlined and efficient experience for your users and reap the rewards!

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