The First Zero Energy Carbon Neutral Multifamily Community

09/15/2011 |


zHome, the first zero-energy, carbon neutral multifamily community in the United States, is now open, demonstrating that cutting-edge environmental building technologies are not only possible – but also scalable – for mainstream housing production.

Located in Issaquah, WA, zHome's 10 townhomes use zero net energy; 70% less water; nearly 80% Forest Stewardship Council certified wood; healthy, low-toxicity materials; and salmon-friendly site practices.

zHome was designed to push the limits of every sector of sustainable building and hit aggressive benchmarks in the areas of energy, water, materials, construction waste and site development.  zHome  features these key aspects:

Are zero net energy and carbon neutral, thanks to energy-efficient construction practices and products, as well as solar panels that generate needed power.

Use 70% less water than the average home, achieved in part through an integrated rainwater recycling system and water-efficient fixtures.

Incorporate 78% FSC-certified wood products and a high percentage of recycled, reclaimed and regional materials.

Diverted 90% of all construction-related debris through waste prevention, reuse and recycling.

Offer high indoor air quality through low toxicity materials and proper ventilation.

Reduce stormwater impacts through low-impact site development strategies – including recharging runoff onsite — to mimic the site's original, forested state.

Achieve the highest ever Built Green certification score of 850 points.

Were developed in conjunction with an adjacent 150-unit YWCA Family Village workforce housing community. Together, they form a transit-oriented development adjacent to a regional transit center.

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