Unclean Restrooms Send Reputation Down the Drain

09/21/2011 |


Facility managers and building owners beware – unclean restrooms can send a negative message.  Bradley Corporation’s third annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey has come up with some significant statistics regarding restroom hand health practices and unclean restroom perceptions and consequences.

The vast majority (91%) of respondents described the impact of an unclean public restroom as having a negative effect on their perception of the establishment or business.  A restroom’s overall unappealing appearance is the most commonly mentioned complaint followed by empty or jammed toilet paper dispensers and partition doors that don’t latch closed.

This year, the proportion of Americans who claim they will never return to a business or establishment in which they had an unpleasant experience increased to 37% (up from 24% in 2010) along with 34% (up from 28% in 2010) who will “think twice” before returning. 

“Considering that nearly all respondents reported strong levels of aggravation when using unclean or non-functioning restrooms, it’s clear that consumers have high expectations for restrooms,” says Jon Dommisse, director of marketing and product development at Bradley Corporation.  “The takeaway is that people do notice restroom appearances and react negatively when the experience is unpleasant.”

Hand Washing and Restrooms at a Glance

  • When respondents were asked what three surfaces they dislike touching the most in a public restroom, stall door handles, restroom entrance doors and faucet handles came in first, second and third, respectively.
  • 26% use a towel, sleeve or other material to open the restroom door after washing their hands.
  • 11% identify as a “germaphobe” – someone who is obsessed with cleanliness and has a fear of germs or unsanitary surfaces.

Keeping restroom cleanliness a priority can pay off for your facility, building, or business – don’t let unclean restrooms damage your reputation.

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