Bedbugs and Pesticide

09/26/2011 |

Bedbugs are often inappropriately fought with pesticides.

Bedbugs have become a serious problem in hospitality facilities and buildings across the U.S., and facility managers and building owners should take the proper precautions when utilizing solutions to these difficult to deal with pests.  A disturbing debilitating trend is the use of harmful pesticides to combat these creatures.

According to the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), incorrect/overuse/misuse of pesticides to handle bedbugs have resulted in 111 cases of sickness and killed at least one person.  One notable case is that of Lilah Gray of Rocky Mount, NC:

After continued bedbug bites, she saturated her home with common household pesticides.  Then, Ms. Gray soaked napkins with pesticides and applied them directly to her hair and body.

Within a few days she was taken ill, hospitalized, and died.

While the story of Lilah Gray is an extreme example, it is especially important to be wary of pesticide risks on the facility management side of things.  Incorrect usage of pesticides to battle bedbugs in your building can lead to a variety of serious ailments ranging from respiratory problems to vomiting.

Green pest management practices can be used to eliminate or mitigate bedbug infestations.  In some cases, professional grade steam cleaning can be used as a solution, significantly lowering the amount of pesticides that need to be used.

Bedbugs continue to plague hospitality facilities and residential homes – ensure that you’re handling the situation in a safe fashion where your staff and customers are not coming in contact with harmful pesticides.

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