ASHRAE Releases “How-To” Energy Audit Guide

11/14/2011 |

How-To” Energy Audit Guide

ASHRAE has released updated guidance for best practices, planning, and implementation of energy auditing with the second edition of “Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits”. 

The guide is designed to assist engineers, building owners, facility managers, and government entities with the entire process, including time-saver tips, how to hire an auditor, what kind of information is included in a comprehensive report, and how to build an energy efficiency retrofit team.

The publication addresses how to build a successful team, analytical methods, successful approaches to site visits, incorporating on-site measurements, economic evaluation of measures and how to organize an energy audit report that promotes action on the part of building owners and managers. There are tips included in the publication for viewing results prepared by others as well, such as this example for  top things to check for when reviewing an audit report:

proposed measures are feasible and appropriate for the building;

proposed measures meet applicable building codes;

data are internally consistent;

savings estimate methods follow established principles and methods;

estimates of potential energy savings are reasonable compared to quick estimates and historical energy use;

proposed cost estimates are reasonable relative to field experience;

interactions between EEMs are identified and addressed;

recommendations and report meet the project scope, goals and client’s needs;

any financial discussion includes current and viable mechanisms available per the tax structure, location, and motivations of the client.

For more information on the ASHRAE “Procedures or Commercial Building Audits, Second Edition”, visit

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