Data Centers and Assembly-Line Techniques

11/15/2011 |


Could assembly-line techniques have value for your data center needs?  A new report from The Green Grid reveals there may be efficient, economical options in the world of modular data centers through the application of assembly-line techniques.

"The assembly line revolutionized manufacturing and commoditized many goods, creating efficiencies in both cost and performance," says Tim Mohin, The Green Grid board member and Director, Corporate Responsibility at AMD. "The same revolution is now happening in data center production and deployment, building greater potential for cost savings and increased energy efficiency."

Pre-engineered structures eliminate the expenses associated with custom engineering and architecture and can be rapidly deployed.  Concerns about structural defects are handled long before the modular structure is deployed on-site.

The modular, assembly-line approach to data centers may or may not be appropriate for your building or facility needs.  Interested?  Check out The Green Grid white paper on the topic and let BUILDINGS know what you think.

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