ASHRAE’S Energy Modeling Conference 2012 – Tools for Designing High Performance Buildings

11/28/2011 |


ASHRAE has announced an upcoming conference focusing on the industry’s ability to accurately model and simulate building energy use.  ASHRAE’s Energy Modeling Conference – Tools for Designing High Performance Buildings will take place on Oct 1-3 2012 in Atlanta, GA.

The conference will focus on case studies and real world examples. The conference will guide design professionals toward developing in-house modeling checklists and quality control procedures to improve their competence and confidence in making decisions and recommendations based on modeling in their day-to-day practices.

“The conference will provide the design professional with ‘workarounds’ that may be applied to improve the results of their modeling results when their modeling tool of choice may not be capable of modeling some of the more unique or hybrid buildings or energy using systems being used in high performance buildings today,” says Dennis Knight, conference chair.

ASHRAE is seeking presenters to showcase case studies and projects, how they were analyzed and designed using modeling tools as well as integrated and interoperable modeling tools to best optimize buildings and energy-using systems. 

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