2012 Annual Fuel Economy Guide Released

11/28/2011 |


The DOE and the EPA have released the 2012 Fuel Economy Guide to assist with selection of energy efficient vehicles that save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  With a plethora of new advanced technology vehicles available on the 2012 fuel economy performers, 2012 brings new vehicle options in conventional gasoline models and clean diesels.

Some of these 2012 models will be displaying the new fuel economy and environment labels that contain comprehensive fuel efficiency information.  Greenhouse gas and smog ratings, five-year fuel costs, and savings compared to the average vehicle are all possible label fare. 

You’ve probably heard about these labels before, and they are actually a requirement in 2013 – but early adopters have taken the initiative and are moving to place them on model year 2012 vehicles.

The full guide is available at http://www.fueleconomy.gov/

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