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12/21/2011 |


As facility managers and building owners look ahead toward the New Year, BUILDINGS takes a look back to some of our best lighting content from 2011.  Explore the impact and future of LED, maintenance solutions, tips, guides, webinars and more from our 2011 lighting offerings.

The Limitations of LED

Determine the best opportunities for LED and discover the current limits behind the rising star of the lighting world.

What’s On the Horizon for LEDs?

Examine what’s next for LEDs as we move into 2012.  Is LED the definitive future of lighting?

Three Tips for Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Prepare for the New Year with essential tips to enhance your yearly inspections and maintenance processes.

LED Lighting Technology: Looking to 2011

Check out Eric Woodroof’s assessment of LED for the 2011 year – Did Eric’s conclusions and predictions come true?

Skylight Performance and Productivity

Could skylights enhance your employee well-being and productivity?

Let There Be Security Light

Security starts with lighting. Discover key lighting principles to facilitate a strong security foundation.

Let There Be (Day)Light

Proper daylight harvesting can greatly reduce the need for electrically-supplied lighting during daytime periods.

The Transformation of Outdoor Lighting

A full-length webinar highlighting cost-effective choices in energy-saving lamps, fixtures, and controls.

Daylighting Plans for Existing Buildings

This webinar will guide you step-by-step through the process of assessing your existing building and implementing enhanced lighting controls, window shading and film, and other daylighting techniques that provide an energy-savings payoff.

Behold the LED Light

“What's the difference between a used car salesman and an LED lighting salesman?  The used car salesman knows when he's lying.”  Chris Olson tackles the wow factor of LED.

BUILDINGS Products: Lighting

The BUILDINGS Products database features the latest in facility lighting solutions in a format that’s easy to browse and explore.  Discover new options for lighting featuring energy-efficient innovations and fast paybacks.

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