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12/21/2011 |


As facility managers and building owners look ahead toward the New Year, BUILDINGS takes a look back to some of our best energy offerings of 2011.  Explore the potential of BIM, PPAs, demand response, and energy management tips, guides, and webinars from the BUILDINGS 2011 energy lineup.

Should You Implement ISO 50001?

Will ISO 50001 be widely adopted?  Eric Woodroof examines the potential future of this energy management standard.

BIM – The Intelligent Choice for O&M

Building information modeling (BIM) has the power to create a better building, but did you know it can help you operate a better building too?

After the Energy Audit

Jennifer Woofter takes an in-depth look at the procedures and practices to follow after conducting an energy audit for maximum ROI.

How to Use Net Present Value (NPV) to Your Advantage

Most facility managers use “Simple Payback” to evaluate and prioritize projects for approval and implementation.  While this may work well for organizations that plan only for the short term, it may not be the best way to evaluate projects if you are thinking long term.

Energy Cost, Design, and Efficiency: Hurdles and the Future

Renewable energy faces challenges in affordability, but is technology poised to turn things around in 2012 and beyond?

Geoexchange Systems Drill Into Clean Energy

Are geoexchange systems a viable source of renewable energy?  Do geoexchange systems give solar panels and wind turbines a run for their ROI?

Net-Zero Energy Schools Pass the Test

Are net-zero schools really viable?

Sales Tax and Utility Rebates Can Yield Massive Savings

Beyond the federal tax benefits available, consultants and engineers often overlook the avoided sales tax (and other fees) that exist when energy saving projects are implemented.

How to Implement a Demand Response Plan

Implementation of demand response can be instrumental in assisting with day-to-day energy management

Smart Energy Expo

The Smart Energy Expo features a wide variety of webinars from 2011 that are available for viewing on demand, from smart metering strategies to solar investment planning.

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