Airport Shuttles Go Green

01/16/2012 |

Green aiport shuttle fleets

The GO Group is converting all or part of their airport shuttle fleets to alternative fuel.  Serving San Fransciso International, Seattle-Tacoma International, Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Puerto Rico's Luis Munoz Marin International, these fleets are moving to compressed natural gas (CNG) or propane.

CNG is a fossil fuel, while propane is a by-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining.  Both burn cleaner than gasoline or diesel fuels, although CNG is considered the cleaner of the two. Companies that convert to alternative fuels can earn a 50 cents-per-gallon tax credit as well other incentives from local government and the airports.

As of December, GO Riteway Transportation Group in Milwaukee has moved 21 of its 500-vehicle fleet to propane, experiencing a $7,000 fuel savings since October.

According to Jason Ebert, fleet and facilities coordinator, the maintenance costs are lower as oil changes can now be performed every 7,000 rather than every 5,000 miles as in the past. 

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