Green Jobs for Women Guide

02/06/2012 |

The DOL has released a Green Jobs for Women Guide.

The U.S Department of Labor has released a comprehensive guide to assist women in finding and keeping green jobs.  Why Green is Your Color: A Woman’s Guide to a Sustainable Career launched today and is available in its entirety for free in both PDF and HTML form on the Department of Labor website at

As the clean energy field continues to grow, guides like Why Green is Your Color: A Woman’s Guide to a Sustainable Career can be useful tools for learning about a range of in-demand and emerging jobs, as well as job training opportunities and career development tools in the clean energy economy. The guide also serves as a resource for workforce development professionals, training providers, educators, career counselors and women's advocacy organizations.

"Many occupations in the clean energy economy remain virtually untapped by women," says Sara Manzano-Dias, director of the Women's Bureau.  "This guide is an invaluable resource that workforce professionals can use to help women transition into higher paying jobs that serve as a pathway into the middle class.  It is also a tool to help fight job segregation."

The guide is broken up into easy to browse sections for whatever stage of the career finding process an individual is in, from an introduction to green career choices to plotting out a career path.

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