DoE Support for Small Business

02/21/2012 |

DoE Support for Small Business

Energy Secretary Steven Chu has announced that the Department of Energy will be supporting 142 small businesses across the nation on research projects.  The wide range of projects includes wind turbine development, chemical free approaches to killing bacteria in power plant cooling water, and improving nanomaterials.

These grants for small businesses total $26.4 million. The projects are intended to have additional benefits beyond the potential technology rewards, such as job creation.

“These small businesses are working to develop new technologies to bring to the marketplace, creating new jobs and potentially new industries here in America,” says Secretary Chu.  “As part of the Obama Administration’s Startup America Initiative, these innovative small businesses are helping the Department improve America’s energy security, grow our economy, and ensure U.S. companies can compete in the global economy.”

The companies will use their awards -- in amounts up to $150,000 -- over the next nine months to explore the feasibility of their innovative concepts.  They will then be eligible to compete for awards up to $1 million under a two-year, Phase II of research and development.

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