DSI Announces ES4600 Digital Voice Alarm

06/25/2003 |

New access control solution designed to eliminate forced door/door prop violations

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Designed Security Inc (DSI)

Bastrop, Texas—Designed Security, Inc. (DSI) announces the ES4600 Digital Voice Alarm, a multifunctional door monitoring device combining standard door management functions with digital voice annunciation. The system is designed to help eliminate door violations with a digitally recorded verbal message that warns users when a door is left open.


“The ES4600 provides complete monitoring of access control points with its door prop/door held and intrusion/door forced detection,” says Curtis Lamson, DSI sales manager. “It can be used as a stand-alone product or with card readers, electronic locks, and any major access control system.”


The ES4600 combines the best features and functions of DSI’s Door Management product line into one easy-to-use master unit. Two adjustable time delay periods allow the alarm to be customized for numerous access control applications.  The first period, adjustable from 0 seconds to 90 minutes, is the “Access Period.” If the door is closed within the access period, the alarm will remain silent.


The second period, adjustable from 0 seconds to 5 minutes called the “Warning Period,” can be set so that the alarm will sound a recurring warning message such as, “Please close the door.” Closing the door silences the warning message. Failure to close the door results in a repeated “Door Held” alarm message such as, “Security violation. Please close door.” A contact is also activated at this time to provide a door prop/door held indication for remote monitoring equipment. The voice messages and time delays are customizable and can be set to the user’s specifications.


The intrusion/door forced and exit alarm functions recognize an intrusion violation when the secured door is forced open. The unit responds by activating an alarm contact and sounding the audible alarm continuously until reset.


“The most common applications for this unit include entry doors, emergency exits, dormitory exit doors, computer rooms, file vaults, secure stairwells, and internal warehouse doors,” says Lamson. “It has proven to be a great solution for reducing false alarms and for curtailing employee violations such as smoking in restricted areas.”


For more than 20 years, Designed Security, Inc. has been manufacturing security and access control products including Optical Turnstiles, Door Alarms, Push Button Controls, and Annunciators for the corporate, industrial and institutional marketplaces. DSI works with engineers, security consultants and system integrators to develop custom designed security products that meet specific project requirements. Since 1982, DSI has provided customers with innovative products designed to enhance the performance of security and access control systems. For more information on DSI’s products, visit www.dsigo.com or call 1-800-272-3555.

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