Fire-Rated Glass that Substantially Reduces the Dangers of Radiant Heat

07/22/2003 |

SuperLite I-XL™ 45/60-minutes is a breakthrough, patent-pending, technology developed by SAFTI, manufactured in the U.S., that stops the spread of fire by reflecting heat back towards the fire source, protecting lives and property from the transfer of radiant heat. 


SuperLite I-XL™ Product Features:


        Used nationwide to provide safe egress and fire protection in schools, hospitals, historical renovations, wildfire residential areas, and around property lines.

        Meets highest impact safety rating -- CPSC Cat. II 400 ft. lbs – perfect for schools and recreational facilities..

        Clear 1/4” glass with 81% light transmission.

        Survives thermal shock from sprinklers.

        Approved and listed by Warnock Hersey.

        Manufactured in U.S. for fast lead times.


Visit for downloadable specifications and details, and information on our complete line of fire-rated glass and framing.

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