Construction, Property, and Engineering Workers Battling Long Work Weeks

08/24/2012 |

Construction, property, and engineering professionals are finding themselves working for two in today's econmic climate.

Employees in the construction, property, and engineering (CPE) industry are each covering the workloads of one full-time and one part-time person, according to Randstad, the UK sector specialist recruiter.

In a survey of over 2,000 British employees, Randstad found that construction, property, and engineering workers feel they currently have to perform the job of one and a half people.

What does this mean? It means they are covering 50% more work than one person should be - The equivalent of fitting an extra two and a half work days into the working week. To compare, the average British worker feels they currently have to perform the job of 1.3 people meaning they are covering 30% more work than one person should be.

While a third of CPE workers feel their workload is suitable for one person, one in four (24%) feel that in an ideal world their role would need one full time and one part-time member of staff. Similarly, another one in four (25%) believe their role needs two full-time people to manage the level of work and one in ten (10%) feel their role really needs at least two full-time members of staff as well as an additional one part-time person.

Two fifths (43%) of employees in the sector feel they are working harder now than they were twelve months ago while only one in twenty workers (6%) feel their workloads have eased over this period.

31% of all workers in the sector specify job cuts as one of the key contributors to their increased workload while 23% said it was down to their organization keeping teams lean during the economic recovery.

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