Facility Management Back to School Tips

08/27/2012 |

It's that time of year again.  Back to school for facility managers and building owners!

The first days of school are upon us.  Facility managers, it’s time to get plans together that will ensure that school hallways, classrooms, and restrooms stay pristine beyond the first day of classes. In order to protect the health and academic performance of students, Cintas Corporation has announced three facility management cleaning principles to stand by to make the back to school transition a painless one.

Improve IAQ. Indoor air quality is a commonly cited problem contributing to absences and poor school performance in educational facilities. To improve IAQ, place matting at all entrances and high traffic zones of the school to prevent particulates such as dust and dirt from being tracked in the building. Matting placed inside locker rooms and exterior entryways will also help prevent soil, mud and water from traveling inside the building. To maintain fresh IAQ and clean facilities, ensure that matting is regularly laundered to remove captured debris.

To further address IAQ concerns, schedule A/C coil deep cleaning services to remove the buildup and mold that accumulates in frequently used units. A/C units that have not been properly maintained can cause odors, trigger allergies and worsen existing asthma conditions. Regular A/C coil cleanings can improve overall IAQ, lower energy bills and extend the life of units.

Clean safely. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), millions of students and faculty are exposed to polluted indoor air, pesticides and chemical fumes in school environments each day, which can negatively impact performance. Since school funding is directly influenced by student performance, keep safe cleaning top of mind when choosing products and equipment. To help reduce exposure to toxins, consider implementing Green Seal-approved chemicals.

In addition, chemical dispensing systems reduce the likelihood of improper chemical storage, spills and injuries. Locked systems also help ensure that little hands don’t get into them.

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