Polyglass Announces New ADESO Bilingual Installation Guide

08/28/2003 |

Polyglass®, the recognized leader of ADESO Dual Compound self adhesive membranes, is proud to introduce their latest bilingual (English-Spanish) installation brochure, the ADESOÔ Dual Compound Self Adhesive Membrane Installation Guide.


This pocket size brochure is a convenient tool for contractors to reference while on a job site.  Not only does this 40-page brochure reach out in two languages, but it also offers extensive information on ADESOÔ residential and commercial applications, the product’s impressive technology, special features, tools and accessories.  In addition to the detailed information about the product’s characteristics and capabilities, this guide includes descriptive technical data; specifications, drawings and photos to further explain proper application and illustrate the dynamics of the ADESOÔ products.


The ADESOÔ dual compound family includes Elastoflex SA, Polyflex SA, Polyall SA, Polyram SA products.  ADESOÔ dual compound self adhesive membranes are manufactured utilizing glass fiber or polyester reinforcement, with a “true” APP or SBS modified bitumen compound on the top surface and an asphaltic self-adhesive compound on the bottom surface.  The self-adhering properties of the built-up membranes provide the perfect alternative when traditional adhesives or propane torch techniques are not desirable or prohibited. 


ADESOÔ dual compound self adhesive membranes were developed based on Polyglass’ long and worldwide experience in the commercial and industrial roofing markets.  The membranes comprise the latest in asphalt adhesive technology as well as substantial, proven weatherproof compounds, featuring mineral granule surfacing available in various colors.


Polyglass operates worldwide with headquarters in Italy and operations in Central and Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, the Arabian Gulf, Southeast Asia, North American, Africa, Oceania and two plants in the United States.  Polyglass Adds Value worldwide.

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