Sloan Valve Company Enters Manual Faucet Market With Introduction of Polaris™ Line

10/21/2003 |

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Sloan Valve Co

FRANKLIN PARK, IL—Sloan Valve Company has announced that the company is entering the manual faucet business through its launch of the new Polaris™ Manual Faucet line. The announcement was made by Charles S. Allen, President of Sloan Valve Company.

“As the marketplace evolved over the past few years, the need for a consolidated, single-source of supply for many building projects became evident,” Allen pointed out. “To fill this void in the market, Sloan has elected to enter the manual faucet business in partnership with T&S Brass and Bronze Works.”

The Polaris line of manual faucets is the latest addition to the Sloan brand of plumbing products, the most extensive in the industry. First established as the manufacturer of the Royal® manual Flushometer in 1906, the company moved aggressively in the last 25 years with innovations such as the Optima® line of touchless, sensor-operated Flushometers and faucets.  “With Polaris, Sloan now provides the industry with a complete line of plumbing products, including solid-surface lavatory systems, soap dispensers, hand dryers, scrub sinks and pressure-assist flushing with its FLUSHMATE® product,” Allen said. “In fact, Sloan now offers virtually every plumbing fixture needed for public restroom projects.”

“As a recognized leader in electronic faucets, Sloan will be able to leverage its brand with manual faucets,” Allen added.

Sloan Valve Company is the world's leading manufacturer of plumbing systems and has been in operation since 1906.  Headquartered in Franklin Park, Illinois, the company manufactures plumbing products and accessories for commercial, industrial, and institutional markets worldwide.

For more information on the Polaris™ line of manual faucets, including specifications, contact Sloan Valve Company at 10500 Seymour Avenue, Franklin Park, IL  60131.  Telephone 800-9-VALVE-9, fax 800-501-3989 or visit the Sloan website:

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