6 Reasons to Consider a Metal Roof

6)    Improve Property Value Roofs that improve energy performance not only save on monthly utility bills, but they can also help buildings command higher rents and selling prices. Markets are taking notice that energy efficient buildings carry economic advantages. For example, studies show that rent premiums for ENERGY STAR-certified office buildings can range from 5-8.5%, while resale premiums for such buildings can range from 13-26%.[v],[vi],[vii],[viii]

Metal roofing systems can add value to buildings and renovations on many levels, from proven longevity and reliable weather protection to energy code compliance, operational savings, carbon emission reduction, enhanced occupant comfort, and higher property values.

Rodger Russ is the North American sales manager for the roof division of Butler Manufacturing, which provides design-build construction solutions and commercial building technology. He has more than 27 years of diverse experience since starting in the sheet metal trade in Chicago. He can be reached at raruss@butlermfg.com. 

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