EPA Launches Resource for Sports Facilities

08/26/2013 |

The notion that sports facilities should be more energy efficient has gained traction in recent years, with a growing number of stadiums retrofitting their spaces with solar panels and low-flush toilets in an effort to go green.

In a move to further strengthen this movement, the U. S. Environmental Protection agency (EPA) unveiled the Green Sports Resource Directory. This online directory can help teams, venues, and leagues save money and reduce carbon pollution through increased energy efficiency, a key part of President Obama's Climate Action Plan. Additionally, it contains information that can help teams reduce waste and gain recognition for their programs that reduce the environmental impact of their events.

“As a founding partner of the Green Sports Alliance, EPA is committed to working with its members to help teams and sports venues green their operations, and engage fans,” said Deputy Administrator Perciasepe. “EPA’s new Green Sports Resource Directory will provide easy access to information on Agency tools and programs along with success stories to serve as examples of what can be achieved with a winning game plan for going green.”

Currently, the Green Sports Alliance has more than 180 members and is working with more than 75 teams at both the professional and collegiate levels and over 100 stadiums and sports venues across the country, with participation increasing daily.

The Green Sports Resource Directory brings together agency resources to support teams and their fans, stadiums, and venues, who want to improve their waste management, water and energy conservation, and other sustainability efforts.

EPA compiled a Green "Scoreboard" that highlights a number of winning efforts across numerous sports leagues and some statistics on the environmental and saving benefits. The Scoreboard is available on the Green Sports Resource Directory.

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