Decision Makers Reveal Trends in Energy Efficiency

09/12/2013 |

Decision makers reveal trends in energy efficiency management.

Almost half of energy leaders surveyed say their investment in energy efficiency is projected to increase over the upcoming year.

The survey was conducted by Schneider Electric and includes responses from 369 leaders in energy efficiency from business and government sectors. The results were intended to provide insight into the future of energy efficiency and challenges organizations face.

Energy leaders say they have various reasons for their increase in energy efficiency spending, including:

  • 64% - energy cost savings
  • 10% - government incentives
  • 8% - government policies and industry standards
  • 6% - executive mandate
  • 5% - brand image

The majority of respondents, 63%, reported they had invested in energy efficiency programs in the past 12 months. Specifically, the two most common energy management practices that respondents’ organizations have adopted in the past year were tracking and analyzing data, 29%, and energy audits, also 29%.

The respondents also shared their thoughts on which energy management approaches will take hold in the next five years, predicting that building automation, efficient lighting, and data center efficiency would become the most popular.

An infographic and full survey data can be found on the Schneider Electric blog.

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