Trends in Preventing Infection in Healthcare Facilities

10/23/2013 |

Electronic hygiene monitoring in hospitals could improve patient health.

With healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) still causing major problems for U.S. hospitals, cleanliness while performing patient care is a top priority.

According to a recent survey by DebMed, The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Five Moments for Hand Hygiene is thought to be a higher clinical standard that helps reduce the spread of infections, rather than just washing up before and after patient interaction. The five moments are before touching the patient, before aseptic procedures, after potential exposure to bodily fluids, after touching the patient, and after touching the patients' surroundings.

The survey suggests that more healthcare professionals would implement the WHO standard if electronic hand hygiene monitoring was implemented, which in turn would lessen the dangers of HAIs that plague healthcare facilities. Currently, most hospitals utilize a direct observation method.

Only 1.5% of respondents currently use an electronic hand hygiene monitoring system, while 15% of those surveyed say they plan to purchase a system within the next year.

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