AHRI Launches New HVACR Certification Programs

11/14/2013 |

New certification program for datacom cooling equipment will soon be available.

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) has launched certification programs for variable frequency drives (VFDs) and datacom cooling (DCOM) equipment.

VFDs produce fast-rising, high frequency pulses of electrical energy to control and power motors. The equipment in the VFDs certification program is rated and tested in accordance with ANSI/AHRI Standard 1210, Performance Rating of Variable Frequency Drives. Once considered a high tech option for only the most elaborate HVACR systems, VFDs have been in the mainstream for several years, providing better efficiency with improved reliability.

DCOM equipment is used to remove the immense heat generated in computer rooms and data centers, supporting consistent information sharing and processing around the world. Equipment in the program will be rated in accordance with AHRI Standard 1360, Performance Rating of Computer and Data Processing Room Air Conditioners.

AHRI manages 40 performance certification programs for HVACR and water heating products. The organization is currently soliciting quotes for laboratory testing and expects to launch the program in January 2014.

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