Tips for Keeping Your Facility Clean in Winter

01/10/2014 |

An effective matting system is your best defense against adverse winter weather.

With much of North America covered by snow and ice, now is the perfect time to review one of the most effective ways to keep facilities clean and healthy during the winter months.

"An effective matting system is your best defense against adverse winter weather, preventing sand, rock salt, moisture, and other contaminants from entering a facility,” says Dennis Knapp, national sales director for Crown Mats and Matting. “It should be installed at all building entries, not just main entrances."

Along with installing matting at all building entries, Knapp suggests the following:

  • Abide by the "Rule of 15." This refers to the installation of five feet of coarse matting outside a facility, five feet of matting directly inside the doors of the facility, and another five feet of interior matting as the final line of defense.
  • Vacuum. During winter months, cleaning crews should vacuum mats several times every day.
  • Replace. Even with proper vacuuming, mats can become saturated with moisture and soil, which building users will then track into the facility. Replace mats as often as once per day under very adverse weather conditions.
  • Deep clean. Mats should be cleaned on a regular basis. The most effective way to clean mats is to use a carpet extractor.

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