Costliest Large-Loss Fires of 2012

01/22/2014 |

Waldo Canyon Fire was the costliest fire of 2012.

Residential area damaged by the Waldo Canyon Fire.

The costliest fire of 2012 was the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado, according to a report released by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The damage caused by the fire exceeded $450 million. According to the report, the fire burned 18,247 acres and 346 structures over 18 days.

Large-loss fires are defined as an event that results in property damage of at least $10 million. Of the 18 large-loss structure fires in 2012, many were started in commercial facilities, including a vehicle parts plant, printing plant, party goods store, automobile dealership, and a food storage warehouse.

Prevent Fires in Your Facility

The NFPA encourages facility managers to follow fire codes and standards in order to avoid future large-loss fires.

Facility managers may also be interested in learning about:

Top 10 Costliest Large-Loss Fires of 2012

Incident and location Loss amount
Wildfire / Colorado $453.7 million
Submarine in dry dock / Maine $400 million
Wildfire / Colorado $113.7 million
Printing plant / Pennsylvania $75 million
Paper mill / Minnesota $50 million
Vehicle parts manufacturer / Georgia $50 million
Metal product galvanizing plant / Illinois $30.5 million
Single-family residence / Pennsylvania $25 million
Party supply store / California $25 million
Electrical transformers / Massachusetts $2 million
Total $1.245 billion

For the full report, visit the NFPA website.

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