NASCAR Joins DOE’s EV Everywhere Challenge

03/04/2014 |

Nascar installs give new EV charging systems at its facilities.

As part of the EV Everywhere Workplace Charging Challenge, NASCAR revealed five newly installed charging stations for employee use. NASCAR now has a total of 20 such stations throughout the country at its facilities.

The Workplace Charging Challenge is designed to help build the nation’s plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging infrastructure.

NASCAR offices utilize Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations. Since most people park their vehicles for hours at a time while at work, these charging stations can potentially double PEV drivers’ all-electric driving range.

NASCAR is a Workplace Charging Challenge Partner. Other partners include Google, Ford, and Schneider Electric.

Learn more about the EV Everywhere challenge and see a full list of partners on the DOE website.

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