Colorado City to Be 100% Powered by Solar

05/06/2014 |

Manitou springs utilizies solar.

The city of Manitou Springs, Colorado signed a contract to provide up to 100% of its city facilities’ energy needs from community solar.

Community solar was designed to broaden citizen and community access to locally generated solar energy. Residents living in apartments, small businesses, and homeowners that couldn’t afford individual systems, or large organizations without the proper roof space, now have the option to choose locally generated solar power.

According to the city, this agreement will fix the city’s energy costs at today’s levels, protecting the Manitou Springs from volatile fossil fuel prices. Meanwhile, the city will double its 2020 carbon reduction goals five years ahead of schedule, with a greater than 60% reduction in total carbon emissions produced by the city’s use of electricity, natural gas, gasoline, and solid waste.

For more information on Community Solar, visit SunShare.

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