Are You Ready for Back to School Season?

07/16/2014 |

Enhance cleaning practices at your educational facilities


With just a month to go until summer vacation ends, school janitors are entering crunch time where restoring educational facilities is concerned.

There’s still time to make your school shine in time for the new academic year, however.

“Schools are complex facilities that require a tremendous amount of work and planning to maintain,” says Dave Mesko, senior director of marketing for Cintas Corporation, a cleaning provider. “Summer is a great time to test and implement new programs so schools look better than ever when students return in the fall.”

Ready to make the most out of your cleaning program? Cintas offers four summer cleaning tips for schools.

1) What’s in your toolbox? Summer is a great time to take inventory of your cleaning equipment and supplies. If you’ve been eyeing a switch to microfiber wipes and mops, now is a fine time to switch.

2) Get deep cleaning on the schedule. Organic soils collect in restrooms like magnets and can create odors if you don’t deep clean them regularly. This typically requires sanitizing restroom surfaces with a chemical injection washer to remove buildup that your regular mops and brushes can’t reach. As a bonus, deep cleaning also makes your regular day-to-day cleaning easier.

3) Consider a dispenser. Many school janitors spend hours refilling cleaning chemicals from remote supply closets throughout the school. A chemical dispensing system doesn’t take up much room and can be placed in convenient locations throughout the school to ensure your team members have quick access to their cleaner of choice. These dispensers typically use broad-spectrum formulas tied to the school’s water line, ensuring the right dilution is used every time.

4) Protect your floors. After you finish scrubbing, stripping, and recoating the floors this summer, consider placing mats at all entrances and high-traffic areas. This reduces the amount of soil tracked into your facility year-round, prevents slip and fall accidents, and reduces wear and tear on the flooring.

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