Use of Sustainable Products Spreads in Hospitals

10/03/2014 |

The switch to green products comes to healthcare facilities


Sustainable purchasing in hospital settings has become more popular than ever, according to a recent poll conducted by Harris Poll and commissioned by Johnson & Johnson. 52% of U.S. healthcare providers report that their hospitals consider sustainability when making purchasing decisions, with the number expected to rise to 81% within the next two years. The top 5 factors that U.S. hospital purchasing decision-makers reported related to sustainability include: latex free, heavy metal free, energy efficient, synthetic chemical free, and PVC free.

Not only is the sustainability of products becoming more important with those who use or purchase them, a full 79% of U.S. healthcare providers agree that it makes financial sense to choose sustainable options with 67% reporting strong backing from top hospital management for their green initiatives. Most respondents also reported that their hospitals have implemented plans to help limit the environmental impact of disposed medical products. 

In addition to the environmental and financial benefits, around 80% of respondents say sustainable products protect hospital staff. More than half also report that green initiatives improve patient outcomes and are important considerations when patients are choosing a hospital. 


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