EPA Issues Guidelines to Improve IAQ in Schools

10/20/2014 |

Aims to help improve energy, air quality during renovation

Noting the fact that children spend most of their days in school facilities and that childhood exposure to contaminants can have far-reaching effects even into adulthood, the EPA has consolidated its energy efficiency and IAQ recommendations for school renovations into one tool designed to allow the implementation of energy efficient facilities systems without causing a drop in indoor air quality: Energy Savings Plus Health.

The tool provides a customizable action plan for 23 building upgrade scenarios and provides a step-by-step guide for safe implementation which can help reduce the risk of airborne pollutants and keep students safe during renovations. Additionally, the resource includes links to the building codes for each type of possible renovation or retrofit and provides guidance to help mitigate IAQ concerns during each step of the upgrade process. 

"Given the amount of time that children spend in school each day, high-quality school environments are critically important for ensuring that children are healthy and able to perform in the classroom," says the EPA. 

Looking for more opportunities to green your school? Take a look at the growing solar options!

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