EPA to Restrict Ozone-Depleting Refrigerants

10/22/2014 |

New rule aims to eliminate HCFC production

Commercial Refrigeration

In keeping with the goals set in President Obama's Climate Action Plan, the EPA has issued a new rule that puts tight restrictions on the production of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) that is scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2015. The new production levels are the lowest ever allowed and the rule also proposes a complete phase-out of the materials within the next five years. 

Not only will the mandate reduce the amount of emissions coming from leakage and stockpiles of the refrigerants due to decreased production, but it also further encourages the use of leak detection, recycling, and reuse of HCFCs that will reduce the carbon footprint of U.S. refrigeration and reduce the demand for the dangerous refrigerants. 

By limiting and ultimately eliminating the amount of HCFCs that are produced, the EPA hopes that the price of using less-sustainable options will increase, incentivizing commercial consumers to upgrade their equipment to more environmentally-friendly cooling systems. 

Wondering if your refrigeration system could use an upgrade? A recent study shows that you could save big on energy costs!

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