U.S. to Open Its First Zero-Carbon Data Center

11/10/2014 |

Methane will be used as a fuel source


With the recent focus on data center efficiency and ensuring IT energy costs stay at manageable levels, Microsoft has partnered with Siemens Energy Management and FuelCell Energy to create the nation’s first zero-carbon data center in Cheyenne, WY. The data center will use biogas methane produced at a nearby wastewater facility to power a fuel cell system, converting the biogas into electricity. 

Customized software and hardware will monitor the amount of biogas that is sent to the fuel cell and ensure that the output is sufficient to meet the high electricity needs of the data center. Custom circuit breakers will protect power supply in the event of an outage and environmental controls will manage air temperature, flow, and humidity. 

The new data center is expected to operate entirely off the grid, producing 250 kW of renewable energy while projected to only use around 100 kW. The excess energy produced will be sent back to the waste treatment facility to help reduce costs. 

Wondering how you can cut the cord on excess data center power consumption? Take a look at the Top 12 Ways to minimize your data centers’ energy impact. 

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