First Multifamily Buildings Receive ENERGY STAR Certification

11/17/2014 |

Group of 17 properties earn energy efficiency designation

Multifamily Properties

Coming on the heels of the EPA’s recent announcement to certify existing multifamily housing properties with the ENERGY STAR standard, the first group of 17 apartment and condo buildings has been recognized for reducing energy use.

With industry estimates showing that multifamily properties could become 30% more efficient in the next six years, and energy costs to renters jumping an average of 20% over the past decade, the EPA notes that ENERGY STAR certification provides benefits to both building owners and tenants. By using a variety of comprehensive energy management techniques such as the implementation of high-efficiency lighting and ensuring equipment is only running when needed, the newly-certified properties not only provide significant cost savings, but also provide renters an easy way to make low-carbon choices. ENERGY STAR buildings typically use 35% less energy than their non-certified counterparts.

“When these buildings use less energy, they also prevent greenhouse gas emissions, increase comfort, and lower costs for renters, making it a win-win for the environment, public health, and the economy,” says Gina McCarthy, EPA administrator.

Looking to make some quick energy gains? Take a look at 8 Simple Strategies to Maximize Energy Savings.

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