DOE Releases App for Energy Emergencies

11/19/2014 |

Tool will help manage information during power outages


The DOE has launched a mobile app that allows users to quickly identify and share information about power outages and gas stations during energy emergencies in real time. Taking lessons from the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, the app is part of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s Disaster Response and Recovery Initiative, which aims to further develop open data practices for power outages.

As well as providing a real-time look at power outages from local utilities, the Lantern Live app also allows users to access helpful tips and guidelines for handling power outages and other types of power failures. Additionally, the app’s code is open-source, meaning other developers are free to use and integrate the code into their own apps for specific situations and communities. The app is available free for Android devices through the Google Play store

“Lantern Live has the potential to be a convenient tool for people during and after severe weather events,” says Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

Looking for more ways to keep occupants safe and informed? Using social media to get your message out can make a bit impact. 

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