Employee Retention, Recruitment Key Benefits of Sustainability Initiatives

11/26/2014 |

Survey shows green initiatives pay off in hiring as well as energy

The benefits of sustainability projects may extend even further than reduced material use or energy consumption. A new survey shows that employee retention and recruitment are boosted by sustainable practices as well.

The study, conducted by Indiana University, shows that nearly all surveyed companies receive boosts in employee recruitment and worker motivation after implementing sustainable practices, with the researchers pointing to the influx of younger workers to explain the increased interest in business sustainability practices. Noting that the highly recruited individuals coming from college and graduate programs frequently have a strong interest in sustainability, the survey’s authors point out that the subsequent hiring gains and retention lead to “a more experienced, driven, and satisfied workforce.”

Success Paths to Sustainable Manufacturing also mentions other benefits to sustainable operations, including meeting the changing expectations of consumers, the impact business has on communities, and even media recognition that can come from improved sustainability practices. 

Looking for ways to increase the sustainability of your daily operations? Making sure the paint you’re using is free of potentially dangerous chemicals can help. 

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