Los Angeles Proposes Seismic Retrofits for Buildings

12/29/2014 |

Older buildings will improve resiliency to earthquakes

Earthquake damaged building

Looking to mitigate the risk of earthquakes, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has released a plan to prevent possible damage through building resiliency upgrades. The plan, which will need to be approved by city council, would require seismic retrofits to be performed on “soft story” multifamily buildings built prior to 1980 within 5 years and 25 years for non-ductile reinforced concrete facilities built before 1980.

Additionally, the Resiliency in Design program seeks to implement a seismic safety rating system that will update the current building code with a voluntary rating system to encourage building owners to invest in ensuring that commercial properties can not only survive an earthquake but remain functional afterward. Also included in the mayor’s plan is mandatory retrofits for buildings that are excessively damaged in earthquakes and major improvements for the city’s telecommunications and water services.

“BOMA Greater Los Angeles has appreciated the strong leadership provided by Mayor Eric Garcetti and Dr. Lucy Jones on seismic retrofit. The process has been open and collaborative, which is crucial to enhancing building resilience, protecting tenants, and preserving a vital economic base in Los Angeles,” says Michele Ware, president of BOMA Greater Los Angeles.

Worried about earthquakes? Make an action plan to be better prepared should the worst happen. 

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