Certified Buildings Have Lower Climate Impact

01/06/2015 |

Improvements extend beyond energy efficiency to carbon emissions

Green buildings

While commercial buildings certified under the LEED program can consume less energy than traditional buildings, a new study shows that the benefits may not stop there – green features such as water management and recycling provide facilities with an even smaller carbon footprint.

Not only were LEED-certified buildings shown to use less energy than their non-certified counterparts, they also reduced GHG emissions from water consumption by 50%, cut waste management-related emissions by 48%, and cut 5% from transportation-related emissions. The study notes a variety of improvements that create these deep cuts, specifically mentioning water-efficient landscaping, recycling programs, and commuter benefit programs.

The analysis, performed by UC Berkeley’s Center for Resource Efficient Communities, examined the performance of over 100 LEED-certified buildings in California, focusing on a variety of climate-impacts.

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