Obama Budget for 2016 Includes Investment in Federal Buildings

02/03/2015 |

GSA announces plans for construction and repair projects

Federal Building

As part of President Obama’s 2016 budget request, the Administration is requesting long-term, commonsense improvements to the nation’s public buildings. The proposal includes over $250 million to help GSA improve policies and drive efficiency savings in areas such as procurement and travel.

The proposal also includes over $60 million that will be used to improve safety systems, ensure security requirements are met, cut energy costs, and reduce water consumption in federal buildings across the country.  Additionally, the budget will allocate $200 million to consolidate GSA agencies within existing government-owned and leased space. This initiative will help reduce reliance on leased space, increase energy and water conservation, and reduce the federal government’s carbon footprint.

“With Congress’ support, Americans will benefit from energy and cost efficient public buildings, modern and secure ports that keep our country safe and promote economic growth, savings from a significantly reduced federal footprint, and historic properties that are properly maintained for generations to come,” says Dan Tangherlini, GSA administrator. 

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