New Standard for Bird-Friendly Glass

02/09/2015 |

Proposed guideline would standardize collision deterrence testing

Bird-friendly glass

Estimating that up to a billion birds could be dying each year as a result of colliding with the glass exteriors of U.S. buildings, ASTM International has proposed a new standard to test materials for their likelihood to be detected by approaching birds.

The new guide, ASTM WK47853, will be used to provide a quantified material characteristic for consideration by designers and consumers for bird repellence. The program is being reviewed by the American Bird Conservancy and ASTM expects that the new standard will provide users from architects to manufacturers, consumers, and building managers a test to determine how well a chosen material meets LEED requirements for Pilot Credit 55: Bird Collision Deterrence.

Not only can bird-friendly window glazes help with green certification programs, but it may also become a code requirement, with laws requiring measures for commercial structures recently or expected to passed in several U.S. states. 

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