Tool to Itemize Green Building Features

03/04/2015 |

Form will aid lenders in assessing value of sustainable design

Green building operations

The largest U.S. association of real estate appraisers has released a form to help analyze the monetary value of green building features. The Appraisal Institute’s Commercial Green and Energy Efficiency Addendum can help building professionals communicate the business value of energy efficient improvements. It can also be applied to buildings with standalone sustainability features or those certified by a program such as LEED or ENERGY STAR.

The form will help real estate appraisers ascertain the net income value for buildings, particularly as efficiency measures demonstrated to help drive higher net incomes have become more common. While the addendum covers a wide variety of energy and water conservation features , building professionals can choose whether they will use it in its entirety or only the pages applicable to the specific building. The addendum is available for review online.

Wondering if you could improve your building’s energy performance? Take a look at how using Data Correctly Can Cut Costs

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