Wind Power Generation Expected to Grow

03/16/2015 |

Report shows wind becoming cost competitive in more states

Wind turbines

As part of the President’s plan to diversify power supplies in the U.S., the DOE has released a report that shows that with expected cost reductions, wind power could be economically viable in all 50 states by 2050.

Wind Vision: A New Era for Wind Power in the United States documents technological advancements driving cost reductions in combination with continued siting and transmission development as key strategies to improve the competitiveness of the renewable technology, which the report shows could directly compete with conventional forms of power within the next decade.

Not only could turbines provide a renewable source of power, but the report also highlights the fact that while over 50,000 American jobs were supported by wind power in 2013, that number could rise up to 600,000 by 2050. Additionally, the growth in the wind sector could displace more than 12.3 gigatonnes of GHG emissions and lower cumulative electric sector expenditures by $149 billion by 2050.

Wondering if wind could be a smart choice for your facility? Take a look at these 6 Considerations to learn more. 

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