Magnetic Fields Can Protect Security Fences

03/26/2015 |

New sensor cable technology can detect all types of security breaches


When you think of high-tech security tools, what comes to mind? Biometric scanners? 4K HD cameras? You probably didn’t think of your facility’s fence, but researchers from University Saarland have developed a sensor cable for fences that can detect when someone tries to cut through or climb over them and immediately  alert security personnel.

The thin cable, which can be attached to all types of perimeter fences and is about the size of a standard electrical cable, contains magnetic field sensors. These can sense the vibrational disturbance of tampering. The cable can even detect low-flying drones overhead.

The system is capable of monitoring miles of perimeter while the cables draw very little power and are unaffected by rain or fog, providing uninterrupted security for fenced-in areas. Researchers are also investigating ways to improve the system so that it can differentiate between security breaches and false alarms triggered by animals and wind. The team is currently working with industry partners to bring the new technology to market.

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